Marin County Car Crash Turns to Hazmat Scene As Presence of Fentanyl Hospitalizes Seven People

A single-car crash at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza in Marin County quickly turned to a hazmat scene when exposure to a dangerous amount of fentanyl hospitalized seven people and put the surrounding area at risk. According to KRON4 Bay City News, CHP responded to a call Sunday morning reporting a possibly impaired driver going northbound towards the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico, CA. The driver of the vehicle proceeded to crash into a movable median barrier blocking the lane of traffic at the toll plaza entering the bridge crossing.

The San Francisco Fire Department responded to the incident and tended to the unconscious driver while CHP attempted to move the wrecked vehicle to the offramp and out of the way of traffic. In this attempt, those working with the vehicle, including several CHP personnel, a tow truck driver, and a Golden Gate Bridge Patrol officer, became incapacitated and displayed symptoms of exposure to the opioid fentanyl.

A total of seven people, including the driver of the crashed vehicle, were transported to a local hospital for treatment and monitoring. All personnel aside from the driver of the wrecked vehicle have, at this time, been released from the hospital.

As a result of the extreme danger of fentanyl exposure, the northbound section of Highway 101 near Alexander Ave. have been temporarily closed while hazmat responded to the scene to clean and clear the area and ensure public safety. The roadway is expected to be closed for some time, says CHP. With the apparent presence of the opioid, the scene was deemed both a crime scene and a hazmat scene.

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