The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) just issued a press release about the importance of work zone safety. A sub-contractor for Caltrans was recently struck and killed while on the job. He was picking up traffic control warning signs along Interstate 605 in the city of Industry when a passing semi truck struck and killed him. At this time, officials with Caltrans are reminding motorists to be work zone alert. Caltrans has more than 900 active construction projects statewide, and motorists need to slow down and remain alert in those areas.

Stay Alert in Work Zones

Work zones can be incredibly busy. There is a lot going on. There can be lane shifts, signs and speed-reduction areas. Anytime you’re approaching a work zone, exercise additional vigilance and caution. Slow down to the posted speed, and keep a watchful eye out for roadside workers. They could be very close by. The most important thing in a work zone is to remain alert and focused on the road. Distracted driving has no place in a work zone or anywhere on the roadways.

Move Over For Amber Lights

Don’t forget to move over for flashing amber lights. The move over law requires you to move over or slow down for emergency and first responder vehicles and the flashing amber lights of a roadside work vehicle. This law helps to keep workers safe. Police officers, emergency responders and other roadside workers have to work in close proximity to high-speed traffic, so it’s essential to give them the room they need to do their jobs safely.

Work Zone Safety in California

With additional funding for roadway maintenance and rehabilitation coming from SB1, motorists in California can expect to see more work zones in the coming years. There will be more projects on roads, streets and highways in San Diego and all over the state. An increase in road projects and work zones means that more workers will be right beside the roadways. Sometimes, they will be just feet or inches away from busy traffic.

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