Move Over

Move Over for Flashing Lights

Protecting first responders and other roadway workers in California needs to be a top priority for motorists. Officials with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) are urging motorists to move over when they see flashing lights. Whether you see the blue lights of the California Highway Patrol, the red lights of emergency responders or the amber flashing lights of roadside workers, you need to slow down and move over. In many cases, working beside the road and responding to roadside emergencies are the most dangerous parts of these workers’ days. Motorists can increase the safety of these workers by moving over and slowing down, when necessary.

Caltrans Worker Safety

Since 1921, 184 Caltrans workers have lost their lives in the line of duty. Caltrans reports that one of the biggest hazards facing their workers are drivers who do not exercise caution while driving where highway workers are present. Drivers need to remain alert, observe and move over for flashing lights and slow down in construction zones. In addition to slowing down and moving over when necessary, drivers need to refrain from engaging in any kind of distractions behind the wheel.

Slow For The Cone Zone

Not only do drivers need to keep an eye out for flashing lights, so they can move over and provide those workers with safety, they also need to be prepared to slow down for the cone zone. The cone zone is anywhere Caltrans has set up orange cones to designate a work zone. If you see orange cones, you need to slow down and remain alert. There are workers present, and you need to be prepared to safely and slowly navigate through the area.

Work Zone Accidents in California

Most work zone accidents are completely preventable tragedies. First responders shouldn’t have to live in fear of being injured or killed while assisting motorists in trouble. Likewise, roadway workers should also be free to do their jobs safely.

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