New California Driving Laws Take Effect in 2014

KEYT News Channel Three has recently released an article with details about the new laws. A variety of changes are being made, so drivers need to familiarize themselves with the new laws. From bicycles to HOV stickers, some of the new laws will be taking effect in January. Teenage drivers will also have to observe the new law which is aimed at reducing distracted driving crashes. Listed below are the new laws and what you need to know about them.

Three Feet for Safety Act

Effective September 16, 2014, drivers will need to give bicyclists at least three feet of distance for safety. When that’s not possible, drivers need to slow down and wait until it is safe to pass.

Clean Air Vehicle Decals

Dates are being extended for low emission, zero emission vehicles to operate in high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes without meeting occupancy requirements until January 1, 2019.

Commercial Driver’s License

The new law will allow the Department of Motor Vehicles to conduct the commercial drive test for the holder of an out-of-state commercial learner’s permit. License class definitions are also being modified, so commercial drivers should check with their local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices.

DMV Vehicle Registration Pilot Program

The DMV’s pilot program will be exploring the use of alternatives to the traditional stickers, tabs, registration cards and license plates. Look for new changes at your local DMV office.

Registration and Vehicle Transfers between Family Members

The new law prohibits the transfer of ownership of a vehicle to a relative or a revocable living trust until all parking or toll-violation fines and penalties are paid.

Teen Drivers and Electronic Distractions

Drivers under the age of 18 will be prohibited from using electronic wireless communications devices to write, send or read a text-based communication while driving. This also applies to devices with hands-free technology.

Veterans’ License Plates

The new law will require the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) to sponsor a veterans’ special interest license plate. The law will also require the DMV to issue the plate if CalVet meets the current statutory requirements.

If you have any questions about the new laws contact your local DMV office or refer to the Legislative Counsel website. The team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. wishes everybody safe and happy commuting in the New Year.

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