NHTSA Consent Order With Daimler Trucks NHTSA Consent Order With Daimler Trucks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced a consent order with Daimler Trucks North America on the heels of an investigation that found the company failed to recall vehicles in a timely fashion, among other safety reporting compliance issues. In addition to the consent order, the truck company is facing a civil penalty of $30 million. In addition to monetary provisions, there are also non-monetary provisions associated with the order in an effort to improve safety practices and legal compliance within the company.

First of all, Daimler Trucks North America will have to develop and implement an advanced data analytics program to enhance its ability to detect and to investigate potential safety defects. Additionally, the company will also have to improve its IT systems to collect potential safety information from its business units more effectively. Finally, they will also have to report that information accurately to the NHTSA.


Moving Forward More Safely

The consent order also includes that Daimler Trucks will have to develop written procedures and conduct training for its employees on the recall and reporting requirements of the Vehicle Safety Act. Furthermore, they will also have to meet with people from the NHTSA to discuss potential safety issues on a regular basis moving forward.

At this time, the consent order is going to be for two years. After that, the NHTSA may extend it for an additional year if deemed necessary. Daimler Trucks has to make an upfront payment of $10 million, and they will have to spend an additional $5 million on specific projects to enhance safety, and an additional $15 million deferred penalty that may become payable under certain circumstances.


Recalls in The Trucking and Automotive Industries

Even when things go according to legal timelines, recalls can be sluggish at best. Unfortunately, we’ve seen vehicle manufacturers act too slowly on recalling dangerous and defective parts over the past few years. Hopefully, hefty financial penalties and consent orders like this one may help to improve safety and call attention to the importance of recalling defective parts in a timely manner.

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