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If you’ve ever wondered how safety recalls get initiated, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has published an article about the process. Essentially, there is a three-step process involved in every safety recall campaign, whether it’s about defective airbags or deadly ignition switches. Although the process is relatively straightforward, it can take months, and in most cases, years for recalls to get issued. Over the past few years, we’ve seen record numbers of recalls associated with defective and faulty auto parts. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen automakers engage in cover-ups and other unscrupulous tactics to avoid exposure and accountability. Listed below are the three steps involved in any recall campaign.

How Recalls Get Initiated

  1. Consumer complaints are filed.
  2. Complaints are investigated.
  3. Recalls are issued.

Consumer Complaints

If you suspect a manufacturing or design defect caused your injury, you need to make a complaint immediately. You should report the issue to the NHTSA and to the automobile’s manufacturer. If the NHTSA gets similar reports from many other consumers, there’s a good possibility that a defective or faulty auto part is involved. With enough complaints and concern, an investigation can get initiated.


The next step involves investigating the reported complaints. This process is lengthy and involves screening, analysis, investigations and potential recall management planning. Not only will the NHTSA look into individual cases, they will also look into the scope and size of the potential recall campaign.


If the investigation of alleged safety defects is found to be valid, the NHTSA will notify the manufacturer of recall recommendations. The automaker will then need to take action and announce the remedy associated with the defect immediately. Manufacturers must provide consumers with a safe and swift remedy. In some cases, this is as simple and quick as taking their car to a dealership for a required repair. In other cases, the manufacturer might have to refund or repurchase the vehicle.

Central Coast Car Accident Lawyer

If you think a faulty or defective auto part was responsible for your injury accident, file a complaint with the NHTSA and the automobile’s manufacturer immediately. Next, contact a skilled personal injury lawyer about your case. It can take a long time for recalls to get initiated, and you need to have an advocate on your side after an accident.

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