NHTSA Driver Assistance Tech Overview

The automotive safety technology landscape seems to be changing and evolving constantly. Luckily, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a really great tech overview of everything you need to know about the latest driver assistance technologies on the market.

Whether you’re shopping for a new car or you just want to know about the latest safety advances, the NHTSA has you covered. From collision warnings and interventions to driving control assistance and other systems, there have been so many advances in driver assistance technologies over the past few years.

Collision Warning and Intervention

Some of the most exciting driving assistance technologies are collision warning and intervention systems. These systems can detect when certain types of collisions are going to happen. Since driver error or inattention are often factors for injury-causing accidents, these technologies have the potential to be game-changers.

These systems work by warning drivers of impending collisions. Some systems will simply alert the driver via a type of alarm, and other systems will actually intervene and apply the brakes if a crash is deemed imminent and a driver doesn’t take action.

Driving Control Assistance and Other Systems

Driving control assistance systems like adaptive cruise control can actually adjust the vehicle’s speed to keep a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front of it. This can help to allow an appropriately sized space between vehicles, which is especially important in the event of a roadway emergency. Your vehicle needs time and space to slow down or stop if the vehicle in front of you stops or has an unexpected emergency.

Some other driving control assistance technologies include lane-centering assistance and lane-keeping assistance. Both of these technologies help to keep vehicles in their lanes. Additional safety systems can include tech like automatic high beams, backup cameras, and automatic crash notifications.

Car Accidents in Southern California

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that drivers remain attentive and vigilant behind the wheel. Even vehicles with “automated driving” systems still require drivers to pay attention behind the wheel.

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