“Can you get a DUI on prescription or over-the-counter drugs? Can you get a DUI for driving high in California? Is driving high considered a DUI?”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently trying to raise awareness about the dangers associated with drugged driving. They want motorists to know that a DUI is More Than Alcohol. Their “Pass it on” campaign is all about educating motorists that driving under the influence can happen on more substances than just alcohol. Drugged driving is becoming an epidemic on roadways in California and across the U.S. It’s important to note that illegal drugs aren’t the only ones you should avoid behind the wheel.

Legally Prescribed and Over-the-Counter Medicines

Legally prescribed medications and some over-the-counter medicines can cause you to be under the influence. Officials with the NHTSA are asking people to spread the word about drug-impaired driving. It’s not just alcohol that can land you behind bars for DUI. If you’re not sure about a medicine or prescription you’re taking, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist about the side effects. If you’re taking a new prescription or increasing a dosage of a medication you’re already used to, ask your doctor what to expect and if you should be driving while you’re taking the medication.

Marijuana Use Behind The Wheel

With continuing legalization laws regarding medicinal and recreational usage of marijuana across the nation, the NHTSA wants motorists to know that it’s not safe to drive while high. THC, the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects, can seriously impact reaction times and cognitive performance. You can get a DUI for being high behind the wheel, so don’t risk it.

Drugged-Driving Crashes in San Diego

Drugged driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Any substance, including those that are legally prescribed or purchased over the counter, which impairs your cognitive abilities or alertness, is deadly dangerous when mixed with driving. If you’re not sure about your medication, don’t get behind the wheel until you can talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the side effects.

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