Crash Avoidance Technology

NHTSA on Automated Vehicles

Could automated vehicles (AV) be the next step in safety for motorists in the U.S.? While we are still quite a ways off from having fully automated vehicles on roads in California and across the nation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has planned several public meetings to address and discuss a variety of issues associated with the safe deployment of AV systems. Their upcoming NHTSA Automated Vehicle Operation Guidance Public Meeting will be held at the CARS Facilities at Stanford University on April 27, 2016. Registration can be done online and is required for attendance and to make comments or ask questions.

AV Operational Guidance Public Meeting

During the meeting, there will be a variety of informational sessions that include educational talks and time for questions and answers. In addition to addressing design and evaluation processes and methods, some of the subjects will include operational guidelines for safe deployment of AV systems. They will also talk about different roadway scenarios and how AV systems will interact with other vehicles on the road. Also, there will be information on how AV systems will be able to handle different operational environments. Finally, there will be information on what is needed to ensure AV systems can safely and accurately detect and appropriately react to a variety of different roadway scenarios.

Crash Avoidance Technology

With the recent news about a historic agreement between the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and 20 automakers, consumers can expect to see sophisticated crash-avoidance technology standard on new cars starting in 2022. These Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems will help to reduce rear-end crashes by engaging the brakes when drivers fail to do so. This technology will help to cut down on injury causing and fatal crashes due to driver error in rear-end crash situations.

The Future of Roadway Safety

For those that aren’t able to make the AV Automated Vehicle Operation Guidance Public Meeting, the NHTSA will be live-streaming it on their website. We’re still so far from having fully automated vehicles, but technological advancements have improved safety for motorists in California and across the nation.

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