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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has some important tips for parents and caregivers about power window safety around children. Power windows are a great modern convenience that most people hardly give a thought to. That being said, power windows can be a safety hazard for child passengers, so anybody transporting kids should know about injury prevention around power windows.

Unfortunately, power windows have injured children all across the U.S.. From hand, finger, and wrist injuries all the way to strangulation, power window safety is not something families should disregard. Even with child safety settings on newer vehicles, children may still try to find a way to play with switches, so make sure you’re prepared to talk to your children about power window safety and injury prevention.


NHTSA’s Power Window Incident Prevention Tips 

  • Teach your kids not to play with window switches.  
  • Teach children not to stand on passenger door armrests 
  • Always make sure children are properly restrained in car seats or seat belts.  
  • Check to make sure children’s hands, feet, and head are clear of windows before closing them.  
  • Never leave the key in the ignition or in the “on” or “accessory” position when you walk away from the vehicle.  
  • If available, activate the power window lock switch so that kids can’t play with the windows.


Additional Child Safety Information 

Most importantly, never leave your child unattended in a vehicle for any reason. Don’t count on automatic reversal of windows if there’s an object in its path, although that is an option on some newer vehicles. If your vehicle is model year 2010 or newer, it should have “pull to close” switches, which at least helps to keep kids from accidentally stepping on or pressing switches to close windows.  


Motor Vehicle Safety in Southern California

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