Speeding in California

Speeding is something many drivers in California do on a daily basis. It might initially seem harmless to go a few miles per hour over the speed limit to get to a meeting in time, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to remind motorists that speeding kills. In 2014, 9,262 people were killed in crashes involving speeding. In fact, it was a contributing factor in 28 percent of all deadly crashes that year. Speeding is a 100-percent preventable cause of injury causing and fatal crashes in California and across the nation.

What Happens When We Speed?

When you’re going faster than posted speed limits or faster than what is safe for the current roadway conditions, you’re putting yourself and others in great danger. At higher speeds, there is a greater potential for a loss of vehicle control. Also, there is reduced the effectiveness of occupant protection equipment like seat belts and airbags. Additionally, the faster you’re going, the more stopping distance you will need in the event of an emergency. Crashes involving high speed also involve a greater severity of injuries. Also, speeding increases fuel costs and consumption, which makes it more expensive to drive.

Driving Too Fast For Conditions

Sometimes, even going the speed limit is too fast. If there are severe weather or roadway conditions that make going the speed limit dangerous, drivers must lower their speed for their own safety and for the safety of others on the road. Whether it’s a weather condition like sleet, driving rain, heavy wind or snow or the roadway is uneven, under repair or poorly lit at night, always remember to adjust your speed to the safety of the conditions at hand.

Speeding Drivers and Car Accidents in San Diego

Speeding drivers in and around the San Diego and Central Coast areas put people at risk for injury causing and potentially fatal collisions. The NHTSA is hoping their increased public safety campaigns will help to raise awareness about the dangers of this preventable cause of over 9,000 deaths each year.

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