NHTSA Orders Crash Reporting for Automated Driving Systems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a press release about a Standard General Order requiring reporting for vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems and automated driver systems. The NHTSA is using its authority to gather additional information to increase transparency and improve safety for new and emerging in-vehicle technologies being deployed on U.S. roadways.

Last week, the NHTSA issued a Standing General Order that will require manufacturers and operators of vehicles equipped with SAE Level 2 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or SAE Levels 3-5 automated driving systems (ADS) to report crashes. This will help the NHTSA to collect data and help to keep American consumers and motorists informed about the safety of emerging automobile technologies.

Under the new order, crashes will have to be reported under the following circumstances:

  • Within one day of learning of a crash, companies must report crashes involving a Level 2 ADAS or Levels 3-5 ADS-equipped vehicle that also involved a hospital-treated injury, a fatality, a vehicle tow-away, an airbag deployment or a vulnerable road user such as a pedestrian or cyclist. An updated report is due 10 days after learning of the crash.
  • Every month, companies must report all other crashes involving an ADS-equipped vehicle that involve an injury or property damage.
  • Reports must be updated monthly with new or additional information.
  • Reports must be submitted for any reportable crash, about which a company receives notice, beginning 10 days after the company is served with the order.
  • Reports must be submitted to the NHTSA electronically using a form that requires important information regarding the crash. NHTSA will use this information to identify crashes for follow-up.

Analyzing Data on Driverless Technologies

Having this data available will help the NHTSA to provide oversight on these new technologies. If safety issues arise, the NHTSA will be able to let consumers know about any potential recalls or concerns. At this time, motorists who think their vehicle may have a safety defect associated with automated driving systems are being asked to contact the NHTSA and file a report.

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