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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a press release about their efforts during Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. Throughout the Month of July, the NHTSA will be raising awareness about vehicle theft and what motorists can do to protect their vehicles. In 2017, vehicle theft crimes totaled about $6 billion. According to the NHTSA, more than 770,000 people are impacted by vehicle theft each year. That’s one vehicle stolen about every 41 seconds. Thankfully, the NHTSA has some tips for drivers to reduce the likelihood of their vehicles getting stolen.


Don’t Make Your Vehicle Look Appealing to Thieves

Almost half of all vehicle thefts involve some sort of driver error. A major issue that contributes to vehicle theft is leaving the keys in your car. Never leave the keys in a parked vehicle, and don’t leave your vehicle running while it’s unattended. Additionally, never leaving anything valuable in your car, and definitely don’t leave valuable items in plain view.


What About Antitheft Systems

Does your vehicle have a security system or antitheft system? If not, it’s possible to get them installed aftermarket. There are audible and visible devices that act as deterrents and real-time alarms. There are also immobilizing devices that make it nearly impossible for a vehicle to be hot-wired. Finally, there are vehicle-recovery systems that can help law enforcement locate your vehicle if it has been stolen.


What to do if Your Car Has Been Stolen

If your vehicle has been stolen, you should contact the police immediately to file a stolen-vehicle report. You will need your license plate number, make model and color of the vehicle and your vehicle identification number (VIN). You also have to contact your insurance company and file acclaim within 24 hours of when you found out your vehicle was missing.


Car Accidents in San Diego and on The Central Coast

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