Drugged-Driving Accident Lawyers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a press release about their ongoing Drug-Impaired Driving Initiative. At this time, they’re holding a summit to bring together industry leaders, elected officials, policy experts, law enforcement professionals, toxicologists and drug recognition experts to set a course of action for the epidemic of drugged driving on U.S. roadways. Videos from the summit can be viewed on the NHTSA’s website. The NHTSA hopes this event will help law enforcement and other state and local officials across the U.S. to take measurable actions to address drug-impaired driving in their communities.

Drugged Driving Stats

  • 20 percent of drivers tested positive for drugs in the 2013/2014 National Roadside Survey.
  • There was a 48 percent increase in nighttime drivers testing positive for THC (the chemical that causes most of Marijuana’s psychological effects) from 2007 to the 2013/2014 National Roadside Survey.

Measuring Drug Impaired Driving on U.S. Roadways

Unlike incidents involving suspected alcohol consumption behind the wheel, there is no simple “breath test” for a variety of different drugs. We already know that many different illegal, legally prescribed and over-the-counter medications can be dangerous behind the wheel. Measuring the impact of those drugs on U.S. roadways is very difficult. Many studies, estimates, surveys, and research are thought to be conservative. We still don’t know the true numbers associated with drug-impaired driving. The NHTSA hopes to come up with some standardized and measurable actions to help detect and combat cases of drugged driving. With the ongoing opioid epidemic, this issue is a top concern for traffic safety advocates.

Drugged Driving Accidents

Accidents involving drugged drivers can be difficult for law enforcement officers to investigate. There aren’t standardized tests to check for every possible type of drug that could impair a driver behind the wheel, and new research is continuing to emerge about this dangerous and deadly problem on U.S. roadways.

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