The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) kicked off their Safe Cars Save Lives tour over the summer. This tour, was only running in the nation’s southern states, and was focused on raising awareness about very important safety topics. The bus tour included educational events regarding vehicle recalls, Takata air bags, tire maintenance and safety, child safety seats and heatstroke. The tour, which kicked off at Atlanta Farmer’s Market in Forest Park, Georgia, ended in mid August in Fort Worth, Texas.


At this time, the NHTSA is recommending that drivers check to see if their vehicles are under recall using the VIN Lookup Tool at at least twice a year. If your vehicle is under recall for any reason, contact a dealership and get it fixed immediately. You can also sign up for recall alerts and emails from

Tire Safety

They’re also recommending that motorists check their tires (including the spare) for wear and tear on a regular basis. It’s also essential to ensure each tire is properly inflated before taking a trip. Regular balancing and rotation will not only save gas and extend the life of your tires, it could also save your life.

Car Seats

The Safe Cars Save Lives tour also educated parents and caregivers on how to choose the right seat for your child’s age and size. Once you have the right age and size appropriate car seat, you need to register it with the manufacturer, so you can get immediate notifications in the event of a safety recall.


Finally, the bus tour rose awareness about the dangerous and deadly consequences of heatstroke in parked cars. The NHTSA is urging parents to never leave children or pets alone in the car, not even for one minute. They reminded parents to always check the front seat and back seat before exiting the car, and urged parents to utilize strategies that will help busy moms and dads from making a dangerous and potentially deadly mistake. Finally, if you see a child or pet in distress, call 911 immediately. You may have to safely take measures to rescue a pet or child, so be on the lookout this summer.

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