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In many cases, car accident injuries are impossible to ignore. Since not all impact injuries exhibit symptoms right away, though, there are some scenarios in which victims walk away from the scene thinking they’re unscathed when in reality they need medical attention.

Internal bleeding may not cause any obvious issues for several days, for example, while brain damage may not be apparent for weeks. If left untreated, however, such injuries could result in life-threatening complications.

For this reason, car accident attorneys urge victims to visit a doctor as soon as possible, even if they feel relatively fine. Undergoing a thorough exam within a day or two of the wreck will protect your health by ensuring you receive prompt treatment for any and all injuries—including those that may not yet be apparent.

Should you choose to take action against those who were liable for the crash, seeking care immediately will also contribute to the strength of your claim. Let’s take a look at the biggest reasons why:


  1. It Will Demonstrate a Commitment to Mitigating Damages

Personal injury claimants have an obligation to mitigate damages. That means visiting your doctor as soon as possible and following his or her orders once you do.

Should you fail to mitigate damages, you could be deemed partially liable for their severity. If you’re instructed to take it easy, for example, but you return to a physically demanding job a few days after the accident, you could be found responsible for any complications that you suffer as a result. This, in turn, could influence the outcome of the proceedings.

Under California’s pure comparative fault law, a plaintiff’s own negligence offsets the defendant’s liability. That means if your case proves successful, the final payout to which you’re entitled will be reduced by your own percentage of fault.


  1. It Will Link Your Injuries to the Incident in Question

If you wait several weeks to seek care, the liable party may be able to dispute causation. Since you don’t have any medical records linking your injuries to the accident in question, the defendant may try to argue that you were hurt in some other manner well after the wreck, so they’re not actually responsible for the damages.


What If I Didn’t Actually Get Hurt?

If it turns out you didn’t sustain any physical injuries in the crash, a lawyer may still be able to be help. For example, you may be able to seek compensation for psychological trauma, which can be every bit as devastating as broken bones and lacerations. You may also be entitled to funds for all necessary vehicle repairs, which a non-injury car accident attorney can help you pursue.


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