Off-Leash Dog Attack in Poway

Earlier this month, there was an off-leash dog attack in Poway. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the attack happened in Garden Road Park. Initial reports indicate that a couple were walking their six-year-old miniature schnauzer, named Chikis, on a leash, when an off-leash dog ran over and attacked it. The reportedly medium-sized, mixed-breed dog inflicted fatal wounds to the mini schnauzer. It also took a chunk out of Chikis’ owner’s arm and left her with several puncture wounds.

The woman was rushed to the hospital for treatment of her injuries, while her husband and a neighbor took the injured mini schnauzer to an emergency veterinarian. Sadly, the vet was not able to save Chickis. The mixed-breed dog had to undergo a 10-day quarantine for biting a human, but there hasn’t been any additional details on what the outcome of this incident was.

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