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The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently issued a press release about their efforts to raise awareness for older driver safety on California roadways. Officials with the CHP are currently working with the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) to recognize Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. This year, Older Driver Safety Awareness Week runs from Monday, December 4th, to December 8th. The CHP and AOTA are reminding people that with age come changes in physical, mental and sensory abilities that can impact a person’s safety behind the wheel. They’re calling on family members, friends and loved ones of older drivers to play an important role in keeping California roadways safe.

Identifying Changes in Driving Behavior

Identifying changes in driving behavior is a critical component to analyzing older driver safety. The AOTA stresses that conversations about aging-related driving changes should be started early. Discussing changes in driving habits before they become problems is essential. This doesn’t have to be a painful topic. Older drivers should be included in all discussions about transportation and have an active role in planning for any upcoming changes. Since many older drivers equate driving with independence, the issue needs to be handled with compassion and sensitivity.

The Data on Crashes Involving Older Drivers in California

  • Drivers age 65 and older made up approximately 15 percent of the licensed drivers in California in 2016.
  • Last year, more than 5,100 fatal collisions were recorded in the state.
  • Preliminary data indicates that drivers age 65 and older were involved in 10.7 percent of the fatal collisions and 8.3 percent of the injury collisions in 2016.

Accidents Involving Older Drivers in California

After any kind of crash, no matter the age of the drivers involved, it’s a good idea to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your claim. A lawyer can be your advocate as you recover from your injuries and get back to your normal life. If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one in an accident involving an older driver in San Diego or anywhere along the Central Coast, contact the skilled and proven team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. at 1.800.GO.HARRIS for a free consultation today.


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