Tractor Trailer Accidents

Every 16 minutes in the U.S., a person is injured or killed in an auto accident involving a large commercial truck. Due to the sheer size and weight of tractor trailer trucks, most collisions with smaller vehicles result in serious injuries or fatalities. These trucks are insured by commercial policies and require a different legal approach than you would use on a typical auto accident.

Most auto accidents are not really “accidents” but rather negligence by the at-fault driver. Truck drivers are required to drive thousands of miles and meet tight delivery deadlines. This leads to truck driver fatigue and reckless driving. Tractor-trailer crashes can also be caused by what are called “no-zones”, which are large blind spots in the rear, side and front of the truck. Big-rig trucks also need a longer stopping distance to be safe and more room to make wide turns.

When accidents involving tractor-trailers occur, the commercial insurance companies are quick to send representatives to the scene in an attempt to mitigate responsibility. This is when tractor trailer injury victims are most vulnerable. Contact an experienced tractor-trailer accident lawyer immediately. Our team of experienced trial lawyers will work quickly to preserve evidence, gather witness statements and protect your rights. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, you will be able to get the compensation you deserve.

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