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Protecting CHP Officers on California Roadways

After a recent California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer fatality and several injuries, the CHP is examining current protocols to see if anything can be improved. According to ABC San Diego News Channel 10, a simple traffic stop is one of the most dangerous parts of the job. Every time a law enforcement officer pulls a vehicle over, they’re putting their lives at risk. Even if the traffic stop is routine, they can be at risk for being hit by a distracted driver who is just passing by.


Vigilance During a Traffic Stop

A CHP officer interviewed by ABC San Diego News Channel 10 remarked on just how critically important it is to stay vigilant during a traffic stop. So many things can happen, from drivers behaving dangerously to dealing with unruly suspects. If you’re ever pulled over by a CHP officer or any other law enforcement officer, you can help them by keeping your hands on the wheel, listening to directions and letting the officer know if you have to reach somewhere for your license or registration.


What Can Drivers do to Keep CHP Officers Safe?

Drivers play a huge part in keeping CHP officers and all roadside workers safe. Thankfully, California and many other states now have Move Over laws to protect law enforcement officers, first responders and even other types of roadside workers. If you see flashing blue lights or even flashing amber lights, you have to move over. If you can’t move over a lane, you have to slow down to a reasonably safe speed for passing. People that work on busy highways deserve a safe working environment.


Car Accidents in San Diego

CHP officers aren’t the only ones who should be exercise vigilance at a traffic stop. Drivers who see flashing lights are reminded to obey the Move Over law and exercise vigilance in the area. Most importantly, never drive distracted and keep a watchful eye out for any roadside workers, first responders and law enforcement officers.

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