Client retained the Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in the summer of 2006. She had been involved in a motor vehicle collision a month earlier. The insurance company for the defendant had taken the position that the client could not have been injured in the accident, because the property damage to her vehicle was only $800. As a result, the insurance company had denied the client’s bodily injury claim, despite the fact that she had sustained a low back injury.

The case went to trial in November 2008. Prior to trial, the insurance company had only offered $1,500 to settle the case. Following a 3 1/2 day trial, the jury returned a $29,000 verdict, with $14,000 awarded for past medical expenses, $7,500 awarded for future medical expenses, $3,500 awarded for past pain and suffering, and $3,500 awarded for future pain and suffering.

In addition to the jury’s $29,000 verdict, the insurance company will also have to pay prevailing party costs, and CCP Section 998 interest and costs, of about $18,000, requiring a total payment of approximately $47,000 to satisfy the judgment.

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