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Reckless Driver San Luis Obispo

Disturbing calls about a reckless driver were reported to the San Luis Obispo Police Department this past Tuesday. Witnesses reported a man recklessly driving with a small child in the backseat. Callers stated that Andreas Huld was driving 50 miles per hour through parking lots. There were also reports of him nearly hitting pedestrians, yelling at other drivers and throwing objects out of his window.

Law enforcement officers caught up with the car at the intersection of Santa Rosa and Walnut Street. They tried to stop traffic, but he continued driving. He was later apprehended. Law enforcement officials discovered that he was driving under the influence of marijuana. Huld was arrested and booked into jail. A family member is now caring for his three-year-old son, and Child Welfare Services is reviewing their case. There is no word yet on whether or not Huld’s reckless driving caused any injuries.

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