Most drivers follow the traffic laws; unless we are in a hurry and go a couple miles over the speed limit. Some drivers take it a step further and might avoid signals such as red lights. Red-light collisions amount to about 5% of car crashes in Santa Maria each year. That 5% might seem small, however, red-light collisions have caused serious injuries and in some cases death. Jade Dodson, an 18-year old passenger died in June after a driver ran a red light at the intersection of Broadway and McCoy in Santa Maria.

As car accident lawyers in Santa Maria, we, unfortunately, see first-hand the devastating impact these red-light collisions have on victims and their families. It is unfortunate that Jade had to go at such an early age and our thoughts go out to her family. Whether the driver was distracted or in a hurry, we have to remember that we must not drive distracted! Things can WAIT.

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