Resurfaced Roads May Have Damaged San Diego Bike Lanes

ABC Channel 10 News recently reported on claim that has been filed against the city due to allegedly unsafe bike lane conditions. Last October, Terry Powers was riding his bike along Aero Drive, when he struck a huge chuck of asphalt that was paved into a bike lane. He flipped over his bike and ended up in the hospital. He claims that when the city resurfaced the roads, they left the bike lanes in terrible condition. He says that loose gravel was placed in pot holes and painted over, and the bike lanes were in worse condition than before the city resurfaced the roads.

His helmet was cracked in six different places, and his medical bills were more than $12,000. Although ABC Channel 10 News reports that his insurance is covering most of his hospital bills, he was likely out of work for an extended period of time. Lost wages, property damage, uncovered medical bills and other damages associated with the crash were undoubtedly astronomical.

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