uber accident

Have you or loved one been injured in an accident with a rideshare company vehicle?

First things first, let us explain:

  • If the Uber driver is using his/her car for individual reasons and is not logged in the app he/she is covered under their personal auto insurance.
  • If the driver is logged into the app but not transporting anyone at the time, the accident at which they were involved in, is covered by their personal insurance, then Uber’s insurance will step in for another $50,000 per injury (up to $100,000) and up to $25,000 in damage.
  • When the driver is transporting a passenger and gets in an accident, Uber steps in and has a $1Million policy. This insurance policy will also cover those drivers who are uninsured and underinsured.

(Source from Uber.com)

As Uber and Lyft take over every city in America, it is important for all riders to understand their rights. Getting in an accident is scary, and getting in a vehicle with any type of “taxi” driver is risky, as you do not know their skill level. If you get injured in a rideshare vehicle, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is here to take over all communication with the insurance companies to protect your rights. The process of getting your car repaired, seeking medical treatment and missing time from work can be overwhelming. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers work on the principle that injured people and their families should have access to the same quality legal representation as large insurance companies. The attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have years of litigation experience in solely personal injury accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, do not hesitate to call our law firm for a free case consultation.

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