Road rage has always been an issue, not only with California drivers, but with drivers around the country.  Incidents of road rage causing a variety of vehicle accidents are becoming more common as drivers take their aggression to the road.  Road rage often ends in serious personal injury, and in some cases, even death.

The movie “Last Exit” demonstrates the consequences of drivers becoming distraught, hurried, and frazzled behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  This Hollywood movie features an auto accident brought on by road rage between two women .  One of the women in the film loses her life, and the other is bound to a wheel chair because of a severe injury to her leg.

In 1995, the American Automobile Association (AAA) conducted a survey to measure road rage. The findings showed that 90 percent of drivers claimed to have been either a victim of road rage or had witnessed a road rage incident.

Here are some safety tips when dealing with road rage, courtesy of

1.  It is important to understand that you cannot control another driver’s behavior. If you see an aggressive driver on the road, remember to “back off.”  Retaliation never ends well.  If you have been offended by an aggressive driver, the best thing you can do is to avoid confrontation.   By remaining calm, you can prevent risking injury to you or the passengers in your car. Aggressive drivers are usually unaware of their surroundings.  They are not calculating the consequences of their actions, which lead to accidents and injury.

2.  If you have been a victim of, or have witnessed road rage, offers this advice: “Talk to a friend or family member about the driving experience… someone you can vent your frustration over the incident to.  Telling the story can reduce your stress.  Some driving clubs or online discussions offer members a chance to vent their frustration as well.”

3.  Another safety tip is to “Know Your Own Driving Style.”  Aggressive drivers often:

~  Tailgate.

~  Use their horn.

~  Flash their headlights.

~  Change lanes quickly and often.

~  Gesture to other drivers.

~  Talk on their cell phone.

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