Samsung has made the decision to cease the production of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Samsung initiated a global recall of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in August. Unfortunately, even the replacements are bursting into flames upon overheating.  The Wall Street Journal stated that, “Samsung told Galaxy Note 7 users world-wide on Tuesday to immediately switch off their original or replacement Note 7’s.” The company asked all retailers to stop sales and exchanges of the smartphone, some US retailers had already done so…

Samsung’s smart phone reputation is at stake. The New York times claimed, “Industry experts are scrutinizing Samsung’s supply chain to see whether the rush to market caused technical problems or led to corners being cut.” Samsung and other smartphone carriers have extreme competition with Apple and the iPhone. Therefore, stopping production of the Note 7 will leave Samsung stock holders questioning the smartphone future for Samsung. This will also be one of the company’s biggest financial blows. As the problems lingered after the initial recall, stopping the production was the best decision for consumer safety.

Photo from NYtimes.

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