california personal injury lawyerSan Diego to Expand Roads For Pedestrians and Cyclists 

Earlier this week, certain city roadways in San Diego were closed to vehicle traffic to allow for an increase in pedestrian and cyclist activity. According to a recent ABC San Diego News Channel 10 report, this plan was implemented to allow people on bicycles or on foot to get out and exercise and commute while being able to maintain social distancing due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic.


San Diego Streets Being Closed to Vehicle Traffic 

At this time, stretches of four streets are being closed to vehicle traffic for this pilot program, entitled “Slow Streets.” The areas include Diamond Street, from Mission Boulevard to Olney Street, Adams Avenue over Interstate 805, Howard Avenue from Park Boulevard to 33rd Street and a street in District Four that hasn’t been chosen yet. They will be closed to vehicle traffic with the use of temporary signs and barriers.


Additional Measures to Protect Cyclists and Pedestrians 

Additionally, some commuter bikeways throughout the city will also be reopened. Some of these bikeways include the State Route 56 bikeway, the San Diego River bikeway from Ocean Beach east to Mission Valley and the Rose Canyon bikeway, among others. Also, crosswalk buttons are being replaced with larger buttons, so pedestrians will be able to press them with arms and elbows, rather than hands and fingers. These measures are being implemented to help reduce the amount of contact that pedestrians have to make with potentially contaminated surfaces.


Improving Public Health and Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists 

Although, there has been pressure to reopen parts of the city and loosen public health orders, city officials are hoping these measures will help to keep people safe as they get out and about in the coming weeks and months. In addition to improving safety and accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians in San Diego, these measures are also expected to be beneficial for the environment. 

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