san diego deadly intersections

ABC San Diego News Channel 10 just reported on the fifteen deadliest intersections in the city. Circulate San Diego’s “The Fatal Fifteen” campaign is raising awareness and calling on officials to improve safety in these areas with devices like high-visibility crosswalks and audible countdown signals. Listed below are the Fatal Fifteen, starting with the most dangerous intersection first.

San Diego’s Fatal Fifteen Intersections

    1. University Avenue & Marlborough Street, City Heights
    2. University Avenue & 52nd Street, City Heights
    3. Mission Boulevard & Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach
    4. University Avenue & Park Boulevard, Hillcrest
    5. University Avenue & Menlo Avenue, City Heights
    6. 6th Avenue & Broadway, Downtown
    7. El Cajon Boulevard & 36th Street, North Park
    8. Paradise Valley Road & Deep Dell Road, South Bay Terraces
    9. University Avenue & Fairmount Avenue, City Heights
    10. 5th Avenue & B Street, Downtown
    11. 4th Avenue & B Street, Downtown
    12. Euclid Avenue & Naranja Street, Encanto
    13. Palm Avenue & 16th Street, Nestor/Egger Highlands
    14. Coronado Avenue & Thermal Avenue, Nestor/Egger Highlands
    15. 5th Avenue & Broadway, Downtown

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