A San Jose woman was arrested on suspicion of a hit-and-run that left a woman in critical condition. The accident occurred on Monday in Milpitas around 10:00 a.m South Main Street. The photo of the victim was posted and the Mercury Times reported on the accident, confirming the victim to have major injuries. Police told The Mercury Times, “The windshield of the car had been replaced and the passenger side mirror had been repaired, but there was still damage consistent with a pedestrian strike.” The police have arrested the suspected driver and she is in the custody of Santa Clara County Jail on charges of felony hit and run, driving without a license and destruction of evidence.

The team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have the victim in our prayers in hopes for a full recovery. Hit-and-runs should never be taken lightly and happen too often. Our job as experienced personal injury lawyers is to alleviate your stress and help you navigate the complex process of getting the financial compensation you deserve.

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