Lompoc Auto Accident Lawyers

December 4, 2012, a four vehicle collision took place on Highway 246. According to the story on people were injured two of which suffered serious injuries. At about 6:00 a.m. a Lompoc driver in a Honda Civic crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with an Eastbound Toyota Tacoma whose driver is from Lompoc. A pedestrian from Buellton who had stopped to help direct traffic was hit moments later by a Westbound Lincoln Town Car driven by a woman from Lompoc. The Buellton pedestrian along with others involved in the car accident were taken to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and also to the Lompoc Valley Medical Center for treatment. The dense fog was a big attributer to these auto collisions.

We advise drivers to drive slower when weather conditions such as fog limit visibility to allow for more reaction time. Also any pedestrians or bystanders who are helping in any form should make sure to turn on your hazard lights and try to mark the crash site with either flares or cones to help prevent further accidents or collisions.

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers we are experienced in auto accident personal injuries. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families of the Lompoc car crash and we wish them a speedy recovery. If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, contact us today and receive the help you deserve.

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