Karen Kurpershoek | Injury Scholarship Winner

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to congratulate Karen Kurpershoek for winning Harris Personal Injury Lawyers’s semi-annual injury scholarship essay contest! Our firm gives $1,000 scholarship to current or future college students who have suffered an injury and have demonstrated commitment and determination to rebuild their lives by attending college. One who is involved in an accident often faces many burdens, such as physical injuries and pain, stress on his or her family, overwhelming conversations with insurance companies, and the financial burdens associated with missing work as a result of the injury. Injuries sustained as a result of an accident not only create pain and stress, they can bring one’s life to a complete halt.

This year’s winner, Karen Kurpershoek, was hit by a vehicle while riding her bicycle home from the gym at the University of California Santa Barbara where she attends school. Her accident caused her extreme physical pain and an arm surgery, not to mention the mental anguish that comes when one’s life is put on hold by catastrophic injuries. Neither Karen’s pain or her surgery was good enough excuses for her teachers to extend important deadlines. Instead of sympathy and understanding, her professors required her to work through the pain, to turn in her homework on time, to attend every class, and to take her midterms as if she wasn’t recovering from being struck by a vehicle.

However, instead of complaining, Karen got to work. She handled her school responsibilities masterfully and came out of the whole experience with a new perspective on life: “I learned that sometimes one has to overcome difficult things that come out of the blue. When obstacles appear, we do not stop, and we cannot always prepare for them. Instead, we find ways to overcome. When something is important to us, we find ways to fight to do our best.”

Karen’s will and determination to continue her education during that rough time allowed Karen to pass with above average grades. Karen finished the semester with a 3.0 average, and she learned she is capable of anything. Despite knowing that recovery would not be easy and that she did not have the educational support she wished for, Karen pushed through the pain and worked endlessly to maintain control over her life and dreams. Karen is currently a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Congratulations Karen, you deserve it.


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