Semi-autonomous vehicles are hitting roadways around San Diego. According to ABC San Diego News Channel 10, this new, hands-free, semi-autonomous driving feature is a potential game changer. This technology is being touted as a relaxing remedy to long and stressful highway commutes. For highway travel, the push of a button allows the driver to go hands-free and feet-free. This feature works as long as the vehicle stays in one lane. The technology General Motors is using doesn’t just use the traditional camera systems to center the vehicle in the lane. It actually uses extensive laser mapping of U.S. highways, which is said to be more accurate. Also, if any vehicles slow down in front of the vehicle, it will also slow down.

Drivers Still Need to be on Alert

It’s important to note that with this new semi-autonomous technology, the driver is still expected to be paying attention and on standby to take control. You can’t just get in the car and have it drive you around like an Uber. There is actually a camera on the steering wheel that watches the driver for any potential distractions. If the driver is blocking the camera or engaging in some type of distracted behavior like reading, the vehicle will take steps to warn the driver.

Integrating Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Technology on U.S. Roadways

No matter who is at the wheel, a car accident can leave people in the hospital and out of work for an extended period of time. While most car accidents are caused by human error, we’re still learning about the implications of integrating semi-autonomous vehicles and driver-less technology into our daily lives. At this time, fully autonomous vehicles are still in testing phases, but many automakers are coming out with semi-autonomous features in their most popular vehicles.

Car Accidents in San Diego

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