Roadways aren’t just for motor vehicle traffic. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is spreading the word about sharing the road with all different types of roadway users. During the warmer months, there’s definitely an increase in motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic on roads in California and across the nation. Many of these roadway users are at an increased risk of injury and death if they’re involved in a collision with a larger passenger occupant vehicle, so it’s critical to share the road safely. Drivers can improve safety for other roadway users by Sharing The Road.

Drivers Sharing The Road

Sharing the road means making a commitment to distraction-free driving. Drivers are reminded to follow the rules of the road, be attentive and obey the posted speed limits. Additionally, they’re encouraged to learn about and understand motorcycle-riding practices like downshifting and weaving to understand how to anticipate and respond to them. Also, drivers are urged to always check their blind spots and look twice before pulling onto roadways.

Improving Motorcycle Rider Safety

Motorcycle riders are urged to wear DOT-compliant helmets and increase their visibility with reflective tape and other high-visibility gear. Riders should always have a current motorcycle license and ride attentively. Riding sober and avoiding distractions are just as critical for motorcycle riders as they are for motor vehicle drivers.

What About Cyclists and Pedestrians?

Drivers are also reminded to be on the lookout for cyclists and pedestrians. Even with bicycle helmets, cyclists can become severely or even fatally injured in collisions with vehicles. Without the added protection of bicycle helmets, pedestrians are at an increased risk for injuries and death in car accidents. High visibility clothing, reflectors and lights can help to improve safety, and drivers are reminded to look out for pedestrians everywhere, but especially in crosswalks and other busy areas.

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