This month we decided to spotlight one of our top litigation attorneys in the Bay Area, Cody Christiansen. Cody attended The University of California Santa Barbara for his undergraduate education. Residing in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, Cody decided to further his education at The Santa Barbara College of Law. Upon earning his Juris Doctorate, Cody began his legal career with the Santa Barbara County Public Defender’s Office as a criminal defense attorney. Cody was truly inspired by his boss’s tactics and philosophy of treating clients with the utmost respect. Mirroring his inspiration, Cody’s patience and drive allowed him to succeed in the courtroom. Soon after, Cody became a senior trial attorney and he managed a private criminal defense firm in Santa Barbara.

Cody’s extensive experience in the court room made his transition to personal injury litigation seamless. Cody finds passion in helping people through the tough legal process and he thoroughly enjoys fighting for his clients against large insurance companies. Cody is a great addition to the Harris Personal Injury Lawyers’ legal team and we are thrilled to have you on board, Cody!

  • Was there someone who influenced you to be an attorney? “My biggest influence came when I was a public defender. My boss was an example of everything an attorney should be in my mind. He was always so knowledgeable and capable, and he treated everybody with kindness and patience. He never had to raise his voice and he never lost his cool, but he always got the most incredible results. He was a model of power and class.”
  • What schools did you go to? “I did my undergraduate at UCSB and majored in international studies. From there I went to the Santa Barbara College of Law.”
  • What do you like most about being a PI attorney? “I like being able to meet a person in a situation that is so foreign and overwhelming to them. Being able to help them through this seemingly endless and impossible process and see justice done is an amazing experience.”
  • What are you the most passionate about?  “My family first and foremost. Beyond them, I love to lift weights. If I don’t get to the gym each day I’m not right in the head. I also love to fight! I’ve actively fought in martial arts for the last 18 years. I love to travel as well. New people, new places, new experiences always gets me fired up.”
  • What is your philosophy when representing a case? “Always find a way. That’s what winners do.”
  • Favorite restaurant in The Bay? “There are so many great restaurants in the Bay Area that I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface yet. Currently, it’s a little Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from the office that serves the best ‘pho’.”
  • Favorite place to vacation? “Anywhere tropical with the beach! Cancun in Playa Del Carmen are probably at the top of my list, although, I love Brazil.”
  • A fun fact or something exciting about you or your life/family. “About me; I speak 4 languages. About my family; I have four boys, and we’re all raging soccer fans. Looking forward to the World Cup this year!”



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