Santa Barbara plans to create off-street paths for bicyclists and pedestrians to bike and run freely. The project was funded via the Active Transportation Program, a California State grant. Ultimately, this project will allow a separated pathway for cyclists, runners and pedestrians to walk along Las Positas and Modoc Road and Cliff Drive. However, according to Noozhawk, it’s possible, that the city may never see the money because the grant is funded by Senate Bill 1 gas tax money. The upcoming November ballot, Proposition 6, will have the ability to repeal the grant money.

Gregg Hart, a Santa Barbara Councilman, stated that, “If Proposition 6 passes, the city would lose money for the path, but also $400 million of funding for the widening of Highway 101, and more than $2 million a year in road maintenance.” Not appealing this grant will allow congestion relief throughout Santa Barbara. The completion of the project is crucial for the future safety of the roads and the safety of pedestrians who share the roads with cars.

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