Strangest Personal Injury Cases

The circumstances of a personal injury lawsuit vary from case to case. Everybody is familiar with cases that involve car accidents, defective and faulty products and negligent property owners, however, it’s not uncommon to hear of really strange cases every once in a while.

Listed below are a few of the strangest personal injury cases.

• The Infamous “Hot Coffee” from McDonald’s
• Burglar Sues Homeowner
• Cookie-Induced Anxiety Attack
• Emotional Distress from Television Show

The Infamous “Hot Coffee” from McDonald’s

This isn’t exactly one of the strangest cases, but it is certainly the most well known personal injury case. This was the ‘poster case’ for so-called frivolous lawsuits in the early 90’s. Everybody had an opinion on the hot-coffee debate. Unfortunately, not everybody had the whole story. A 2011 film documentary, entitled Hot Coffee, brought a lot of important information to light for previously misinformed consumers. Everybody expects coffee to be hot, but Ms. Liebeck’s coffee was upwards of 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit. She was hospitalized for eight days, had to undergo skin grafting for third-degree burns and had an additional two years of medical treatment for the injury.

Burglar Sues Homeowner

This is a strange, but frequently occurring lawsuit. Everybody has heard about the burglar that breaks into a home, only to get injured and sue the homeowner. During a 2012 burglary in Northern California, a homeowner turned the tables on a burglar, by shooting him multiple times. The burglar is now suing the 90-year-old homeowner. The burglar also shot the homeowner in the face during the crime.

Cookie-Induced Anxiety Attack

A pair of teenagers in Colorado was sued by their neighbor after delivering home-baked cookies to her door. The two teenagers stayed home from a dance to bake cookies for neighbors. One of their neighbors didn’t appreciate the anonymous cookie delivery. Wanita Renea Young called the police after the terrifying experience which she said caused an anxiety attack.

Emotional Distress from Television Show

The popular gross-out show Fear Factor often portrays actions that could make even the most iron-stomachs queasy, but one man actually tried suing the show. Apparently this ‘fan’ could handle watching contestants eat bugs and worms, but when it came to rats mixed up in a blender, he just couldn’t stomach it.

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