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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently looked into some important safety concerns associated with SUVs. According to recent research, trucks and SUVs accounted for about 70 percent of new vehicle sales in 2019. While these types of vehicles are becoming more and more popular on roadways in California and throughout the U.S., we’re also seeing an increase in pedestrian fatalities. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reports that pedestrian deaths have increased by 40 percent from a low in 2009. Researchers looking at the increase in SUVs on roadways are seeing a correlation.


Trucks and SUVs are Deadly to Pedestrians and Cyclists

Issues like distracted driving, move people driving and an increase in larger vehicles are all considered factors in the increase in pedestrian and cyclist deaths across the U.S. If pedestrians or cyclists are hit by a truck or SUV, they’re likely to sustain more severe injuries than if they’re hit by a smaller passenger occupant vehicle like a sedan. Of course, there are a lot of variables that can impact the severity of a collision, but larger vehicles are typically more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.


Recent Crash Testing of SUVs and Pedestrians

Thankfully, technology coming out in newer vehicles can help to detect pedestrians and other vehicles in the roadway. These safety systems can warn drivers to take action if a vehicle or pedestrian is in danger of getting hit. If a driver fails to act, the vehicle can actually apply the brakes to slow down and stop. Unfortunately, when tested, not all SUVs passed these tests with flying colors.


SUV Accidents in San Diego

When it comes to car shopping, SUVs and trucks are popular for a number of reasons. The perception associated with safety is typically for the passengers inside of the vehicles, as they’re larger and higher up. Auto manufacturers are happy to market SUVs and trucks, as the profit margins are higher. For those shopping though, not only are SUVs larger and potentially more deadly when it comes to pedestrian and cyclist safety, they also use about 25 percent more gas than sedans on average.

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