Tanker Truck Crash on Highway 166

Over the weekend, a tanker truck crashed into the Cuyama River just east of Santa Maria. According to Santa Barbara’s Noozhawk, the incident happened on Highway 155, about 20 miles outside of Santa Maria. Very little information has been released about this truck crash, but we do know that the tanker was carrying more than 6,500 gallons of crude oil at the time of the wreck. For currently unknown reasons, the truck driver lost control of the vehicle. Initial reports indicate that the trailer became disconnected from the truck and then rolled down the embankment beside the roadway.

An estimated 6,700 gallons of oil spilled into the Cuyama River. First responders and crews rushed to the scene to try to contain and clean the oil spill. Mitigation efforts involving pipes, dirt berms and containment booms were deployed to address the spill. This truck crash is likely still under investigation.  

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