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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) wants to remind motorists about the importance of the Move Over law. The Move Over law was created to provide transportation workers, roadway professionals and emergency service providers a safer environment to work in. Ensuring these people have enough room to safely do their jobs is essential in preventing unnecessary and preventable tragedies. If you see flashing lights, whether they’re blue, red or amber, you need to move over a lane to give that worker room to do their job safely.

When to Move Over

In addition to pulling over to allow emergency vehicles to pass, stationary vehicles are also observed under the Move Over law. If you see a vehicle with emergency or warning lights flashing, you need to move over a lane. This can include Caltrans vehicles with amber lights, emergency vehicles and even tow trucks with flashing lights. Always remember to observe all traffic and roadway conditions, so that you can move over in a safe fashion. If you are unable to move over a lane, you must slow down to a reasonable speed for the existing conditions.

Roadside Danger Zone

Roadside work is a dangerous business, especially with distracted driving at an all time high. One of the most dangerous places for emergency service providers and first responders to be is beside the roadway. We’ve all seen the near-miss dashboard camera footage of police officers or other first responders nearly getting hit beside busy highways. With speeds in excess of 50, 60 or even 70 miles per hour, roadside workers don’t stand a chance if they’re hit.

Stay Alert and Move Over

The most important thing any driver can do to improve the safety of roadside workers is to stay alert behind the wheel. This means drivers need to make a commitment to distraction-free driving. Put your phone on silent so you won’t be tempted, and wait until you get to your destination to make calls and texts. It could save the life of a first responder, emergency service provider or other type of roadway worker.

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