Woman getting out of an Uber helicopter.

What is an Uber-Copter?

The launch of the Uber helicopter is nearing! On July 9th, an Uber rider will have the ability to book an Uber-copter and fly from Lower Manhattan to Kennedy International airport. Per The New York Times, the trip by car can take up to an hour, especially in rush-hour traffic. The Uber-copter experience will cut the average travel time down to 30 minutes. However, to book an Uber-copter one must be a Platinum or Diamond Level member of Uber’s loyalty program. For the time being, this evolution in public transportation will primarily benefit wealthy travelers and the executives on the go, but this is just the beginning of a new era.

Uber began the ‘at-ease’ taxi service nearly ten years ago, and now operates in almost 800 cities throughout the world.  Within the last decade, the transportation company has expanded their services and now offers not only peer-to-peer transportation, but also food delivery, bicycle sharing, and even car-leasing.


What to do if Injured in an Uber?

As the Uber conglomerate continues to grow, so does the likelihood of accidents. If you get into an accident involving an Uber transport service—whether bike, vehicle, or soon-to-be chopper—it is important to know that you have rights as an accident victim; whether as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian—you may be entitled to compensation.

It is essential to contact an experienced Uber accident attorney immediately.  If you delay your legal consultation, you may wind up making an error that will negatively impact the conclusion of your personal injury claim.


Our Uber Accident Attorneys Have Successfully Recovered for Accident Victims

The California Uber accident attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will handle the logistics of your case and perform an immediate investigation into your accident to gather evidence before it becomes unavailable.  Our experienced accident attorneys will help you navigate through the claims process and fight so that you receive maximum compensation. Contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers today to see how one of our California Uber accident attorneys can help you recover.

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