TireWise Safety Tips

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) TireWise safety campaign offers drivers important safety tips for choosing and maintaining their tires. The TireWise campaign is aimed at raising awareness about tire safety, purchasing the right tires for your vehicle, and maintaining those tires for years of safe service. Not maintaining your tires or purchasing the wrong set of tires can lead to dangerous and deadly wrecks.

Tire Safety Facts

• On average, there are nearly 11,000 tire-related crashes across the U.S. each year.
• Nearly 200 people die in those crashes.
• U.S. drivers put more than 2,969 billion miles on their tires.

Tire Shopping Tips

Before shopping for tires, check your car’s owner’s manual to find out about tire and loading information. Shoppers are encouraged to choose a tire based on what type of whether they plan on driving in. Motorists in San Diego and across the Central Coast will do well to shop all-season tires and summer tires. If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, check out the all-terrain tires available. You should also determine when your tire was made to make sure it’s not too old. The last four digits on the tire’s sidewall will typically be the week and year it was manufactured.

Tire Maintenance Tips

Check the air pressure and tread wear on your tires regularly. Not only will this keep you safely navigating the roadways, it will also save you money at the pump. Properly inflated tires will also extend the life you get out of them, which also saves money in the long run. Being safe and saving money are two important reasons to maintain your tires on a regular basis. Many gas stations now offer free air pumps too, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Tire Complaints and Recalls

If you think a faulty or defective tire was responsible for your accident, you need to file a complaint immediately. You can contact the tire’s manufacturer and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It can take months to years for some manufacturers to issue a recall. Additionally, you can also use the NHTSA’s online recall search engine to see if your tires are currently under a recall.

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