Dreamworld–Queensland, Australia

It was a tragic day for Dreamworld in Queensland Australia, four people were killed on one of Dreamworlds biggest theme park attractions. There were six people on the ‘Thunder River Rapids,’ a well-known ride, safe enough for ages two and up. On Wednesday, the carriage held four adults and two children, and flipped after ramming into another carriage. This caused two adults to land on the conveyor belt and suffer fatal injuries from the machinery and two adults died after being stuck in the carriage. Miraculously, the two kids extricated themselves from the carriage. Unfortunately, the injuries the four adults suffered were too severe to save them.

Investigator Mark Thompson told CNN, “an investigation center had been set up, and that police had taken more than 40 statements.”  He also announced, “anyone who might have been on the ride that day or have relevant photos or mobile phone footage to get in touch.”  The theme park is fully defending the park’s safety procedures and is claiming the park has been compliant with all safety regulations.

In the U.S.

A 2014 study claimed that there are 4,400 kids who are injured by amusement park rides a year. NBC News stated that, “Most of the injuries are not serious — just bumps and bruises, but about 67 kids a year, or 1.5 percent, are injured badly enough to be hospitalized.” And, “Some 92,885 children ages 16 and younger were injured on amusement rides between 1990 and 2010.” Apparently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission no longer tracks the number of theme park deaths. Although, the latest data clarifies that there were 52 deaths related to the amusement park rides between 1990 and 2004.

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