Whittier, CA.—Penn Park is a popular place for hosting birthday parties, picnics, large events or even weddings. However, over the weekend, a eucalyptus tree fell on a wedding party, ultimately killing one and injuring five people. A wedding party was standing in front of the tree for photos when they heard a loud crack. As the tree began to fall, the wedding party ran forward. Although, the tip of the tree injured five people and killed the mother of the bride. The five injured were rushed to the hospital. Amongst the injured, was a four-year-old girl who suffered a severe head injury but is expected to recover.

CNN said while its weakness could be linked to the California drought, there were no indications that trees in the area were vulnerable to falling. There were many people at the park who rushed to the scene to help free the trapped victims from under the heavy trunk. Officials and arborists are inspecting other trees in the park to determine if there could be more potential falling trees. The team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers send our deepest condolences to the friends and family involved in this tragedy.



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