Upgrade Safety Ratings

U.S. DOT to Upgrade Safety Ratings

The U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) recently issued a press release regarding their planned upgrades to the current five-star safety ratings. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will be introducing a new crash test, new human-like crash dummies and advanced crash avoidance technology ratings. In addition to encouraging vehicle manufacturers to rise to the occasion by utilizing the latest in crash protection technology and innovations, these proposed changes will give consumers more information to help them choose a safe vehicle. Listed below are the planned changes to the five-star safety ratings.

5-Star Safety Rating Changes

  • The rating system will encompass assessment of crash-avoidance and advanced technologies as well as pedestrian protection
  • New tests to assess how well vehicles protect pedestrians from head, leg and pelvic injuries
  • New frontal oblique crash test that measures how well vehicles protect occupants in an angled frontal crash
  • Improved full frontal barrier crash test to drive safety improvements for rear-seat occupants
  • New human-like crash dummies with improved data collection and analysis
  • An assessment of additional crash avoidance and advanced technologies
  • Use of half-star increments to provide more specific information for consumers about safety performance
  • The ability to dynamically update the program more swiftly as new technologies emerge

Implementing Changes to The Five-Star Safety Rating System

Since 1978, the NHTSA’s five-star safety rating has been informing consumers about the safety of their vehicles choices. Now, that system is getting updated and will continue to be updated as new technologies emerge in the market of passenger occupant safety. Consumers can expect to see these changes take place for model year 2019 vehicles. Prior to these changes, the NHTSA will conduct an intense consumer education campaign to promote awareness about the new changes.

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