Update on Caltrans Wrong Way Driving Prevention Update on Caltrans Wrong-Way Driving Prevention

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) just issued a press release about their launch of a yearlong pilot project to reduce the number of wrong-way driving incidents that happen in San Diego. This latest Caltrans wrong-way crash prevention project is building on earlier efforts that reduced wrong-way driving by 44 percent.

Caltrans will be installing specially designed pavement markings at about 30 locations through the end of the year. These high-visibility markings are red and white and say DO NOT ENTER. Also, they’re only going to be visible to drivers heading in the wrong direction on freeway ramps.


Preventing Deadly Wrong-Way Crashes

Although wrong-way crashes account for less than one percent of all wrecks on California state highways, they are often extremely devastating or deadly for vehicle occupants. According to Caltrans, on average, 37 people are killed in wrong-way crashes each year, and drunk drivers cause most of those.

This project follows the successful completion of a three-year pilot program that was designed to evaluate ways to deter drivers from entering highways in the wrong direction. The pilot program included specialized reflectors and illuminated signs. The reflective markers were so successful, that Caltrans has already installed them on highways throughout the state.


Wrong-Way Accidents in San Diego

Wrong-way crashes are often incredibly devastating. The combination of highway speeds and an oncoming vehicle can be deadly for occupants in both vehicles. Thankfully, wrong-way accidents are completely preventable. Hopefully, with additional markers on highways across the state of California, we will see a decrease in these deadly and devastating crashes.

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