Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents in Santa Barbara

Pedestrians and cyclists are counting on motorists to share the road safely. That means making a commitment to distraction-free driving and always exercising additional vigilance in areas where pedestrians and cyclists might be present. Even with the best safety gear, pedestrians and cyclists can become catastrophically injured or worse, when involved in accident with motor vehicles.

Unfortunately, pedestrians and cyclists are still two of the most vulnerable roadway users groups in California and across the nation. Thankfully, communities in California are beginning to take non-motor vehicle traffic safety seriously. The Santa Barbara City Council recently took a big step in improving cyclist and pedestrian safety in their city. Their new policy “Vision Zero” is aimed at eliminating all fatal and severe transportation-related collisions with bicycles and pedestrians by 2030. According to Santa Barbara’s Noozhawk, the program is all about identifying and improving safety and dangerous intersections and reframing attitudes about traffic incidents involving cyclists and pedestrians.


Vision Zero’s Strategy

  • Life is most important.
  • Every person matters.
  • People make mistakes.
  • Focus on dangerous locations and behaviors.
  • Drivers have a critical responsibility.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable roadway users.
  • The government shares responsibility for safe streets.

Eliminating Pedestrian and Cyclist Deaths

In addition to the basic strategy, the policy also has a philosophy of four E’s: Evaluation, Engineering, Enforcement and Education. Officials with Vision Zero plan to use data to determine what intersections are the most dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, they plan to use engineering solutions to reduce the frequency of incidents at some of the better-known dangerous intersections. There will also be an increased law enforcement presence in those areas. Finally, there will be a focused effort on raising awareness and improving education about safety issues facing pedestrians and cyclists.

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