Just Yesterday Uber launched their self-driving car campaign here in San Francisco. Apparently, dash cam video surveillance proved an Uber to run a red light the same day. The state has insisted Uber to shut down all the new self-driving cars until they receive permits to test the cars’ capabilities on public roads. However, Uber has insisted they do not need a permit because there are backup drivers behind the wheel.

Uber has proclaimed that the infraction was due to “human error.” Uber offered the driver’s failure as evidence of the need to continue pushing ahead a technology that proponents say will one day drive far more safely than humans, ABC News. Uber publicly announced, “the red light-running car was not one of those in its pilot program and was not carrying passengers.”

While continuing to run the cars, there is much concern for the safety of those in a self-driving Uber, and those around them. The California Department of Motor Vehicles stated that Uber is in the wrong and submitted a letter saying Uber is not abiding by the rules. In the letter, the DMV stated that Uber must acquire permits for these vehicles. The DMV will take legal action if they refuse.

Uber is just another self-driving car innovator. Google and Tesla are also dabbling with the idea and have experiments of their own. Both companies have experienced accidents with their self-driving cars. Ironically, all of these companies claim a safer automobile. Uber persists that regulations like permits will slow their innovation. But the real question is, how many human lives do we need to risk to get the invention 100% perfect?


Photo: Designboom.com



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