What to Do If You Think Someone Else Is to Blame for Your SCI

Most spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are totally preventable. Leading causes include motor-vehicle collisions, falls, sports accidents, and violent altercations.

If you sustained spinal cord damage because someone else failed to act with reasonable care, you deserve justice. While holding them accountable won’t undo what happened, it could yield the money needed to maintain some semblance of financial security in the years to come.

To give your action the best chance of success, take the following steps as soon as your condition stabilizes:

1. Call a Personal Injury Attorney

A knowledgeable lawyer who’s well-versed in spinal cord injury claims can handle every aspect of your claim so you can focus on your recovery. What’s more, if you hire them right away, they can help you avoid making critical mistakes from day one that might otherwise threaten your case. Common mistakes include posting about the accident on social media and giving the insurance adjuster a recorded statement.

Once you retain counsel, you can expect your legal team to:

  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident in which you were hurt;
  • Interview eyewitnesses;
  • Consult relevant experts who can speak on what happened or how it’s going to affect your life in the future;
  • Handle all correspondence with the liable party’s insurance carrier;
  • Track all recoverable damages;
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement; and
  • If the opposing party proves uncooperative, take your case to trial.

2. Compile Evidence from the Scene

Whether you were hurt in a car accident or you slipped and fell at a place of business, gather whatever evidence you have from the incident for your legal team. This might include photographs of the scene, statements from eyewitnesses, and official reports.

3. Track All Associated Expenses

Spinal cord damage is one of the costliest injuries to rehabilitate. In the first year alone, medical bills and living expenses can amount to more than $1 million.

To avoiding overlooking any damages during the settlement negotiations, save all documentation that corresponds to your injury-related expenses. Your attorney may also instruct you to start a journal in which you write about the many hurdles you face on the road to recovery. This will bolster your claim for non-monetary losses like pain and suffering.

4. Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

To ensure you’ll be able to seek the maximum payout possible, it’s imperative that you take reasonable measures to mitigate damages. This starts with following all medical advice. For example, you should stay out of work if your doctor instructs you to do so, attend all follow-up appointments, and visit any specialists whom you’re referred to as soon as they can fit you in their schedule.

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