What to Do When Riding a Bicycle and Someone Opens Their Car Door in Front of You

Have you ever been cruising on your bicycle, and prayed the driver or passenger of the parked car doesn’t open their door directly into your pathway? Unfortunately, this scenario happens often in a city. Accidents like these raise the question of liability. Who is responsible; the bicyclist or the car passenger opening the door?

Rules of the Road

The risk of injury as a bicyclist is far greater than the driver of a vehicle. As a bicyclist, you must abide by the laws of the road. Some roads require motorists and cyclists to share the road. Some streets have designated bicycle lanes. And often, these bicycle lanes are placed very close to the curb where cars may park.

Because of Vehicle Code 22517, no person shall open the door of a vehicle on the side available to moving traffic unless it is reasonably safe to do so. This means, the vehicle door operator must check oncoming traffic to make sure it safe, before opening their door.

Common Injuries Sustained in a Bicycle Dooring Accident:

  • Abrasions, open wounds and bruising,
  • Fractured bones,
  • Head injury,
  • Brain injury;
  • And injuries that require surgery.

If You Have Been Injured by a Car Door:

The odds of injury are high if you are traveling on your bicycle at a high rate of speed and collide directly into a car door.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle dooring accident:

  1. Seek medical care immediately,
  2. If not immediately taken to the hospital, take photos of the accident scene and injuries,
  3. Collect driver’s contact information and any statements from witnesses;
  4. And contact an injury attorney at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers for a free case consultation to see if we can help you through the legal process of filing a personal injury claim.

“Why Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for My Bicycle vs. Car Door Injury?”

Accidents like these often result in a liability battle. Whoever caused the crash, whether it be the bicyclist or the person who opened the car door, will likely refuse liability. When looking for an attorney, it is essential to find an attorney with experience, an attorney who is knowledgeable of California State law and an attorney who has a successful trial record.

Look no further because our team of bicycle accident lawyers have over a decade of experience fighting for the rights of accident victims in and out of the courtroom. Our team of trial attorneys know exactly what it takes to prove negligence against the liable party, and furthermore, prove the innocence of the victim.

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